Seasonal Info

Just as the days are starting to get longer, we get the “Polar Vortex”, with unsettled weather and storms to come. Ice and frozen water buckets one day, rain and mud the next.

But Spring is coming!
It’s not too early to plan for it (of course, Mud Season comes first…).

Spring/Annual Vaccinations & Wellness Exams
It’s not too early to think about scheduling your horse’s Spring/Annual vaccinations and Wellness Exam!

Remember that our calendar fills up early for Spring appointments, so schedule early if you need work done by a specific date.

For horses competing at USEF events this summer:
All horses competing at USEF sanctioned events this year are required to have:
• Proof of Equine Influenza & Equine Rhinopneumonitis (Equine Herpes Virus)
• Vaccinations within 6 months of the competition.


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