Dr. Hoyns considers treatment for a client’s horse.

We offer a number of state-of- the-art diagnostic technologies:

Digital Radiography

We have been using Digital Radiography (X-rays) for several years now. This allows Dr. Hoyns to develop and read the X-rays right at your farm at the time of the visit. The technology also allows Dr. Hoyns to enhance and enlarge the view. This is especially important in the case of a suspected fracture, when dealing with a foundered horse, or during a pre-purchase exam. It allows us to work with your farrier, at the farm, in real time, to help correct any hoof problems.

We can also print out a disc, and provide hard copies that your farrier can use and refer to when shoeing your horse. Digital Radiography has also benefited our equine dentistry work, since we can make intra-oral (bitewing) films.

Our ultrasound machine is highly portable, and we have reproduction, tendon and sector scanning probes for it. These allow us to determine early pregnancies, follow problem pregnancies; scan tendons and ligaments during lameness work-ups; and to scan deeper body parts such as muscles and some internal organs.

Our two endoscopes allow us to look deeply into the trachea and bronchi, as well as looking easily at the pharynx and guttural pouches.

Endoscopy is used to help diagnose chronic respiratory problems, respiratory noise and some performance problems.