Many you have had microchips implanted in your domestic pets, but have you had your horses microchipped? Microchips are electronic devices the size of a grain of rice that are easily implanted in the horse’s nuchal ligament (just below the base of the mane) halfway between the horse’s poll and withers. A hand-held radio frequency scanner reads the number. It’s like a VIN (vehicle identification number) for your horse.

  • It’s a permanent ID that cannot be separated from your horse or altered.
  • Microchips help prevent theft and aid in recovery during disasters.
  • Most horses imported from Europe are microchipped, as required by EU law signed in 2009.
  • They provide accuracy and prevent fraud.
  • As of 2019, all hunters, jumpers and equitation horses competing at USEF sanctioned shows must be microchipped and the number recorded with USEF.