Pre-purchase Examinations

Dr. Hoyns can provide a useful overview of a horse’s general constitution prior to purchase.

Buying a new horse is always exciting, but you want to be as sure as you can be that you’re purchasing a healthy, sound horse.

While having a Pre-purchase Examination done on your prospective new horse does not look into a crystal ball for your horse’s future, it can provide you with a snapshot of the horse as it is today.

Procedure and Purpose

Pre-purchase exams usually include a physical exam, an in-hand evaluation, a working evaluation, and flexion tests. Other areas might be examined as indicated.
The physical examination can identify health and conformation issues. Current lameness issues can be revealed with the in-hand and working evaluations.

On-site Diagnostic Equipment

Flexion tests can help identify possible problem areas with joints. Our Digital Radiograph (X-ray) capability can provide X-rays that can be viewed and evaluated at the farm at the time of the exam.

Our Ultrasound and Endoscopic equipment allow for deeper, more detailed evaluations if necessary.