Reproductive Services

Nothing is as awe-inspiring as watching a foal being born!

Hello, little friend!

Welcome, little friend!

Meeting mom.

Mother and foal meet.

First view of the world.

The first view of the world.

People get lost for hours in watching that foal make valiant attempts to finally get to its feet, figure out how to nurse (how can something so cute act so dumb!), and figure how to get back down again for its first nap.

Insemination and Pregnancy Services

We can help you make that a reality for the right mare.

We offer Fresh Chilled and Frozen Artificial Insemination services, pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound and rectal palpation, twin reduction if necessary, pre-natal care and consultation, and, finally, post-partum care for both mare and foal.

We Encourage Ethical Breeding

While we offer these services, we also council you on the ethics of breeding.

With many unwanted horses in the US currently, you must think about why you are breeding your mare, and make solid plans for the foal’s future.

LYME Disease

Tick season will be here before we know it. We will be starting our spring Lyme clinics in late February—stay tuned.

Winter Education Talk

Don't miss our educational event!

February is Dental Awareness Month!

We offer a 10% discount on all equine dental procedures performed in our heated clinic January 29-March 2. Get a jump on Spring by getting your horse’s teeth in pristine shape! Read more...

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